Saturday, July 27, 2013

Busy Yesterday

I had a day off of work yesterday and it was a busy day!

I started the day off at 6:30am for a quick 3 mile run.

Then I had to wake everyone up to go to the dentist for the girls.

Annika was good again.  She cried a tiny bit during her cleaning but I think it was because she had a hard time understanding the woman cleaning her teeth.  She had a bit of an accent and Annika kept looking at me and asking "what did she say??"

We didn't get a picture of Annabel because it took both of us to hold her down.  She was not happy to have someone looking at her teeth, at all.

Both girls have an overbite, more than normal.  Josh asked how they got it and the dentist laughed and said it was hereditary usually, me.  Oops, poor girls might need braces like I had!

After that we drove to downtown Sarasota for lunch.  We used to go to the restaurant we went to every week, before having the girls.  This was Annabel's second time there and maybe the fourth time for Annika.

After eating some pizza we walked around a bit because we were still too early to go to Annabel's check up at the doctor.  Annika and I went into a little kitchen store and bought some new cookie cutters for when we make graham crackers, a dinosaur, a cat and the letter A.

Annabel had her 18 month check up, a little late since she's 19 months now.  She's 24 pounds and 33 1/2 inches tall, which puts her in the 25th percentile for weight and 85th percentile for height.

Annabel has failed the standard for speech for 18 months old.  We now have a list we're keeping in our kitchen where we have to write down every single word she clearly says until the end of November.  As long as she reaches 50 words she's fine, if she doesn't reach it she'll go for testing.  The doctor talked to  her some and he feels that she does have a hearing problem since she responds with a muffled voice that sounds slightly like what we're saying.  We've noticed it too and actually two people from my work noticed it too.  So she has till November until we start testing to see what's going on.  Other than that she was perfect, she screamed a bit during her exam but everything else looked good!

After that we went to our old neighbor's house.  We miss them so much!  They recently got kittens so the girls went crazy playing with the kitties!  Annika was good with them but the two times they tried to get Annabel to hold one of the kitties she put her arm around the poor kitty's neck and almost choked it!

Then we finally got to pick up our car from the body shop.  I dropped it off on Monday and it had been a long 5 days in a tiny rental car!

We left home yesterday at 9:30am and this was at 6pm right as we were on our street.

Annika was worn out!!  Annabel stayed awake because I didn't have a towel to balance out her car seat after we picked up our car.  I can't get her rear facing properly unless I have a towel so she got to sit forward facing for the ride and loved it.  I did turn her back around today though, I'd like to keep her rear facing until she's at least 2 years old.

Now today Annika and I are relaxing while Annabel is napping!  No plans at all today after our busy day yesterday!


  1. Hope everything goes well with the hearing. We went through speech with Karina.

  2. Why don't they start testing now? Because if there is a problem later wont it still delay her speech?