Thursday, July 11, 2013

Catch Up Post.....Again

At least I didn't go almost a month without writing this time!

~I'm working tons of overtime at work lately.  Living so far away from work now I have to wake up at 4:30am to be able to get ready and drive to work to be there at 5:30am.  Insane.

~This picture is from last Friday when Annika went with me to get an oil change for one of our cars.  She told me that they play good ballet music there.

~We met a new couple in our neighborhood.  They live in the older section of our neighborhood that was built back in 2007.  They have a 2 1/2 year old son that plays really well with the girls.  We had dinner at their house a few weeks back and the girls went crazy playing with all his toys!  That kid seriously had a TON!!  We did like them a lot, they both work, I find that a lot of moms in this neighborhood stay at home so I have a hard time relating to them.

~And about toys I'm a total minimalist so I don't even allow the girls to have that many and I NEVER buy them anything unless it's something cheap from Ikea.  Once I buy them something new I get rid of something old so we never end up buried in toys.

~Today at the grocery store I ran into a older couple that were friends with my parents.  They  had only met Annika at my parents' funeral service and didn't even know that I had Annabel.  They were nice but I could tell they didn't know what to say to me.  

~Sunday we are hopefully going to church.  I really would like to start going.  From ages 6-22 I went to church EVERY SINGLE SUNDAY with my parents.  Even after I moved out at 22 I would still sometimes meet my dad at church.  I miss it.  I haven't missed it in the last 2 years since they died but now the feeling of missing it has come back.  I really want to raise the girls going to church and learning about the Bible.  Hopefully now I can keep Josh on track with going!

~It has rained every single day here for at least the last month.  Soooo tired of the evening showers!! It makes running with the girls impossible.

~And one last picture, Annabel is ALWAYS stealing food from Annika, little monster.


  1. Missing your post.... i understand the feeling about the rain....

    Our new motto in GA is we are the new seattle lately.... we have seen rain every day for 2 months now... At least here its keeping some of the temps lower

  2. So good to hear how you guys (girls) are doing. I understand completely about the long commute. What a stinky bummer! Hopefully you'll find some neighborhood families where you don't feel the difference in work location as strongly. That would be nice for you I bet (you plural).
    It's been raining here a lot too. We have had just about the strangest spring and summer I can remember in a long time. Lots of rain.
    Take care!