Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Country

We've moved to the country.  Well, sort of.  When you tell people the city we live in they always say "all the way out there???"  It's not THAT far from things.  I can get to Wal-Mart in 20 minutes and Target in 25.  We also have an outlet mall 5 minutes away!  See, not that far away.

But if you drive in the other direction from things you end up in the country.

Josh's friend from work lives only 5 minutes from us on a horse farm.  There are over 20 horses on his property.

Josh's friend's step-daughter asked if Annika wanted to ride.  They have a therapy horse that they use for disabled children to ride on.  She promised that the horse wa very gentile and Josh agreed to let her ride.  Annika has actually been on a horse before when she was 18 months old at my aunt's house in Arizona but she doesn't remember that at all.

They didn't get a chance to put a saddle on so she rode without one.  Had I known she was going to ride I would have put long pants on her and sneakers.  Poor girl had horse hair all over her legs!

She was having a ball.  She told me she had to hold on very tight to the hair.

Annabel checked out the horses too.  We were going to see if she wanted to ride but she wouldn't let us go to get on the horse.  She was a bit clingy this last weekend for some reason.

Annika LOVES horses.

Annabel, not so much.  I tried!

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