Thursday, July 25, 2013

Well Behaved Girls

Sunday I went to church with the girls.  Josh had already planned to play golf a few weeks back and I wanted to continue going so I went alone with the girls.

Something was up with Annabel this last weekend.  Maybe teething or just typical separation anxiety that we never had with Annika.  I was afraid of leaving her in the church nursery but she ran off to play with toys right away.

No one paged me but I guess Annabel insisted on being held the entire time.  Every time someone tried to put her down she'd reach for them to hold her.  She's been doing this at home too lately so trying to get anything done is impossible.  Just see yesterday's picture, she's always at the kitchen counter now trying to "help".

Anyway, when I picked up the girls they told me about Annabel but said that the girls were the most well behaved and polite girls they had ever had in the nursery.  It's always good to hear that and I assume they're talking about Annika with the politeness since Annabel doesn't talk.  I'm always glad to hear that Annika is being polite with strangers because sometimes at home she can be a little rude!  Or like Monday after dance class when she refused to say bye to her friends because she hates saying good-bye to people (just like her momma!).

So glad that we have good girls, I hope we're able to keep it that way for a long while.

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  1. What a wonderful feeling, to hear that your kids are awesome (even when we already know they are!).