Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Sweet Shy Girl

Next Friday we have Annabel's 18 month check up (even though she turns 19 months on Monday).  Our doctor told us she needs to be speaking 3 clear words, not just words we can understand but words easily understandable by anyone.

We have a dada and FINALLY on Monday she called me momma (I almost cried, I've been waiting 18 months for it!!).

But words??  Nope.  We have lots of "ugh ugh ugh" and "dat dat dat".

Comparing Annika to Annabel is like comparing apples to oranges though.  So while the doctor can say that Annika said 3 words by 10 months we can't say that Annabel not saying 3 words by 19 months isn't normal for her.

Annika was in daycare from 11 weeks until 13 months old.

Annabel has never been to daycare or played with children her own age.

Annika had our undivided attention for the first 25 months of her life.

Annabel has gone out with me alone twice and rarely gets total one on one time with us.

Annika liked to read books and sat still for us to read them to her.

Annabel is a worm and refuses to stay still making reading almost impossible.

Annika has always been very outgoing.  The child could have a conversation with anyone.

Annabel used to cry if strangers approached her or talked to her.  She is getting a little better with this lately though.

In our opinon Annabel is fine.  We're going to ask our doctor that instead of coming back in at 2 years old (which is her next check up she's due for) if we can re-evaluate her speech in 3 months and if she's still not talking we'll do further testing.  He wants her to have a hearing test but the child can hear.  She can follow directions, complex directions even.

But for now we're just going to say she's our sweet shy girl.

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  1. Good for you. I'm sure there's probably absolutely nothing wrong with her. She's also the second child, and has an older sibling to speak for her. She has parents at home with her who understand what her sounds and actions mean. It's like Karina. She started talking and then stopped, and we had her evaluated, did speech, and in less than three months she was out because she didn't have a problem. She was just shy, quiet, and had a mom who knew what she wanted without her using words. Elena is also 18 months and says a lot of gobbledygook words, but I doubt many people can understand her. Our pediatrician hasn't asked about her speech at all. I guess he knows that she's verbalizing (all that screaming in the office, ha ha!) and I've mentioned things she says to him. Stick with your instincts. Moms know, they do. She'll talk when she's ready. You can encourage her if you want; one of the things I did learn from Karina's speech experience was that any verbalization counts. So if she wants water, and she's reaching for it, you tell her to ask for it with words. Whatever sound she makes counts and then she gets lots of praise. If you even need to do all that, I mean. Just sharing. It's something I sometimes do with Elena. Anyway take care! Enjoy her sweet shy self!