Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Last Weekend

Quick catch up post with what we did last weekend!

Josh played golf Saturday morning so the girls and I went to a community yard sale.  It is not easy at all to navigate yard sales with two children that have to be in car seats.  We only got out for 3 sales (luckily two were next door to each other) and as I drove by I looked for either lots of pink stuff or a little girl in the driveway, assuming that then they'd have little girl stuff to buy.  I got a pair of hot pink mary jane shoes for Annabel for 50 cents and a little wooden step stool for Annika for $1.  She tells me that she is going to clean it up and paint it pink.

Then we did our weekly outing to TJ Maxx.  We just had one open the weekend after we moved here and we check it out a lot.  We bought a bag of chips (the girls both like to try the unique chips and snacks they have there) and Annika got a new dress for $7!  I've been eyeing that dress for a few weeks now and kept waiting for them to mark it down.  I tried that with a dress I wanted but it sold out instead of ever going on clearance, now I've learned my lesson!

When Josh got home I was feeling lazy and we're extremely limited with places to eat around here.  I am not a fan of Applebees at all but we went out anyway.  I don't think we had been to one together in at least 4-5 years.  Actually the last time I went to one would have been with my parents and Annika when she was a baby and I was still on meteorite leave!

I did have some pretty cute dates for dinner though.

Sunday morning we woke up early and went to church for the first time ever as a family of 4!  Annika has been to a church service twice, once in Sarasota when we lived there and once to Josh's old church in Ocala when we were visiting the area.  Josh grew up in a Church of Christ and I grew up Southern Baptist.  I picked a baptist church not far from us that had a website showing they do a lot of children's activities which is what I'm really interested in.  We loved the church.  People were nice, not pushy at all and they showed us the nursery when we got there.  No one tried to force us to use the nursery for the girls but it was hard to pass up when we saw how much fun the girls were having with the toys and the two nice ladies in there.  Plus they had pagers!  If there were any issues they would page us, we had no issues at all though.  I was surprised because it was the first time we've ever left Annabel with strangers.  I'm sure it helped that she had Annika with her though.  Josh got up to check on them once and was a little sad that Annabel didn't even seem to care that he came to see her!

Josh and I enjoyed the service and we're going back next week.  We want to go a few more weeks before we decide to join or not.  Just that one service seems to have pulled me from a long funk I've been in (hence the blog absence and sudden come back this week!).  I felt like I was making my parents proud by going back to church.  My dad always used to tell Josh that the reason he felt like I never caused trouble growing up was because every single Sunday we went to church.

After church we were supposed to have big water party down at our neighborhood's clubhouse but it rained.  SURPRISE!!  It's rained at least 30 days in a row here, maybe even more.  So instead of the party we cleaned out our garage and can now comfortably get our car into the garage with plenty of space to walk around it!  We'll never get two cars in our two car garage though because of our lawn equipment but at least it looks good now.

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  1. I have the same problem with yard sales. It's tough with kids! I don't even go unless I can leave the girls with their dad. My church youth group does a huge one 2 years on and 1 year off with proceeds going to help them go on this big trip that is held the year we don't do the sale. We just finished the sale for this year. It's the only kind I go to anymore. I did find a ton of great stuff though. And someone donated Legos and they sold before we even opened the doors to the public!

    I'm so glad to hear you are feeling good about being back at church. I went through a phase when I didn't go, and it felt good to be back when I did. I think sometimes, maybe, we just need to be away to remember why we were going. I did at least.

    Our weather has been wonky, too. Strangest summer ever.