Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weekly House Update

We're getting closer!

(I've started to black out the house # and our license plate number for safety, there are like 3 other houses that look EXACTLY like ours in our neighborhood though)

From the outside all we need is paint on the garage door, front door and shutters (those are not staying blue!).  They will be another shade of brown.  Most of our neighborhood is shades of brown or yellowish.  The yellow houses really stand out though, we preferred the browns.

But look, we have stone!  And grass!

We also have a shower and flooring in our bathroom!

And flooring in the kitchen/dining/living room areas.

Annika brought in her "brown bear" kitty (she calls the color brown "brown bear", funny girl) in with her to see the house.  The kitty approved!

Annabel approved too by trying to eat my sweater!

We are still on schedule to close next Thursday!  We have our final walk thru in a week!  I might not be able to go because of some projects I have going on at work but Josh will be able to go up with the girls.  At least I'll see the house on Saturday and if I see anything questionable I can just make a note for Josh.

Can't believe we're moving in just a little over 2 weeks!


  1. How exciting! Best of luck for the final walk through!

  2. Wonderful! House is looking good!