Thursday, March 28, 2013

Busy Week of Random Stuff

~I'm glad I took an entire week off work to unpack/set up the house/adjust to everything.

~I officially do not know how stay at home moms do it.  I prefer to go to work!  I love the girls but I don't get a single thing done when I'm with them.  And I've eaten way too many cookies since I'm here and the cookies are here and they speak to me and beg me to eat them from the pantry!

~Annabel has really taken off with walking since we've been here.  She walks EVERYWHERE now and looks like a little drunk person wobbling around and falling everywhere.

~I wore yoga pants for 5 out of the last 6 days.

~2 of those days I wore the same yoga pants, unwashed.

~Today was the first day I wore "real" clothes.

~We've officially picked our new pizza place and Chinese restaurant (take out) right by our neighborhood.  There's nothing else to pick because there's nothing else out here besides a Wendys, McDonalds, Ruby Tuesday and Applebees and I don't really care for any of those unless I'm in a junk food mood and then it's Wendys.  Need to stop eating that crap though!

~Today we went to the mall down the street from us, it's an outlet mall and I'm in love.  Bought dressy capris for work from Gap (dark blue w/white polka dots) and two pairs from New York and Company (a black and khaki).  I was in desperate need of pants for work as I've suddenly dropped down smaller than pre-Annika and pre-Annabel clothing size (yay!).  I'm almost able to squeeze my booty into pre-wedding size jeans, soooo close.

~Speaking of size I ordered Insanity.  I don't want to lose more weight but I would like to tone.  Like do some major toning and work on butt as with age it's decided to get smaller and flatter.  Smaller I can deal with, flatter I cannot!  I'm hoping to tone that and my abs.  Running is only getting me so far.

~Also speaking of size where the hell do flat chested people buy shirts??  I tried on shirts at 4 different stores today and x-small was too big in all of them.  My bra (why do I even bother, but I do, I have a "must wear bra in public" rule that every women should have) shows in just about every single shirt.  Either the top part of my bra or the straps.  I hate to do it but I  might have to move into the children's department for tops like I used to do...

~At the mall today (it's an outdoor outlet mall) I noticed that we were the only local people there.  Why or how did I notice?  We were the only ones wearing sweaters and jeans!  It was 60 degrees and people were wearing shorts, tee shirts and flip flops!!!  Brrr....I barely function in temps below 70.  I even had second thoughts about going to the mall having it be so cold.

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  1. Welcome to my daily life....I wear these velour pants with stretchy waist almost every day, I put on my version of real clothes (jeans and a t-shirt, long or short sleeves) only if I have to go somewhere, and yes, cookies call to me alllllll day long! No wonder I haven't lost my baby weight! I get nothing done while both girls are awake and when Elena naps, it's time for me to get on the computer or quickly do important or urgent chores. Therefore my house looks like a very small tornado has swirled through it pretty much all the time. But for me, this is what I want. I love that I am not missing a single moment of my girls' childhood, other than when Karina's in school or something. Me, I wonder how working moms do it all! I think you all are the amazing ones!