Friday, March 8, 2013

Oh The Things She Says Part 2

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Let me just say that Annika is a riot and then there's times when things she's says are scary because they sound exactly like something that me or Josh say!

I was wearing some different earrings that I had actually bought for Annika a few days before.  I wear the same stupid diamond studs every single day because I'm boring and lazy! So Annika says to me:

"Momma those are my earrings, take them off and wear your diamonds!"

Sassypants, she's been getting in trouble for being a bossy sassypants lately!

Bo, our dog, has been growling lately at Annabel if she doesn't drop him enough food from her high chair during dinner so when he did it the other day Annika says:

"Knock it off Bo, knock it off.  You need to go outside, bad dog!"

That's 100% Josh right there.  She even opened up the sliding glass door and put him outside!

The other day while Annabel was holding my hand to walk Annika kept telling her:

"Good job baby!  You're doing so good.  Yes, good job."

Annika is Annabel's biggest cheerleader and I love it!

We've also got the occasional "I'm shaking my butt" or "My butt itches" or "Scratch my butt for me momma".  Always in public when people are listening!

I was impressed with her at Publix, the grocery store, when she asked the lady in the bakery for a cookie, she said:

"May I please have a cookie with chocolate chips?"

I almost cried, what a big girl!

If she does want to eat something she'll either say "This is stinky" or "This is too spicy, I can't eat this!"  We're getting the spicy comment a lot, she said it a week ago when I had some Girl Scout Thin Mints.

I'm afraid for us once Annabel starts talking, they're never going to stop and my "oh the things she says" posts are going to be VERY long!

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  1. I love the things they say. Karina says so many funny things, and sometimes it's just the grown-up things coming out of her little kid mouth that makes them funny. I wish I could write them all down!