Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Little Walker

Guess who decided to stand up and take a few steps Friday??

This one!

I wish I had the video to share here but it turns out it's on Josh's phone and because of our schedules I won't be able to post it till next week but it's awesome!

We were at our neighbor/friend/babysitter's house next door.  I was helping her hang up some lanterns and Josh was sitting the couch "supervising" us :-)  Next thing we know Annabel stand up in the middle of her living room and takes two steps!  After that we got her to take more steps to us for a grand total in one shot of 5 steps!  She's already a pro.

She's only taken a few more steps here and there since Friday.  She totally prefers speed crawling or holding on to things to walk.  I took her and Annika on a walk around the pond in our neighborhood and she held my hand to walk for a while until she seemed tired.  Every time I try to pick her up though she throws a fit and wants to get down to walk!

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