Monday, March 18, 2013

Work, Work, Work

Our busy weekend started Friday when we woke up early and headed to our new house.

The first project was hanging our curtain on our sliding glass door since we both hate vertical blinds and didn't want to use those.

2 minutes into the project we realized that the curtains weren't long enough so that was scrapped!

We moved onto the blinds and in an entire day we hung 4 blinds out of the 6 we needed to do.

After working at the house we went home, ate a quick dinner and ran to the furniture store where we had put a hold on a new dining room table!  Josh and I have had the same GLASS dining room table for over 7 years and it's a mess.  Annika has scratched it up and Annabel hangs from it!  Not safe or practical for two kids!

After setting up our delivery of our new dining room set we ran to another store to look for a longer curtain and found one.  I had only paid $40 on Amazon for the original curtains so I cringed having to pay over $100 for curtains that would fit.

Saturday we had no babysitter with us so all our projects had to be done with both girls hanging around.  Luckily Annika is occupied with a laptop and some DVDs to watch but not Annabel.  She screams, whines, steals pieces of blinds and fans and climbs ladders when you aren't looking.

And she is VERY proud of herself on that ladder too!

Somehow during the day Saturday and Sunday (both of which we spent 7 hours each at the house) we got all the blinds done, put together all the fans (Josh's help is coming Friday to assist with those, we didn't want any accidents with those!), hung up the curtain and curtain rod for the sliding glass door, put together the lawn mower and I unpacked a few boxes of things I brought over.  I also managed to grocery shop even though I felt awful that the girls had fallen asleep on the drive from the house.  I woke them up and luckily they weren't bad in the store.

Each night we put the girls to bed early, around 7:30 or 8pm and they both would go straight to bed.  In the morning Annika would come into our room around 7am telling me to get up and get her milk because it's light outside!  Oh that was torture when I just wanted to sleep in!  Especially since Annabel slept till at least 9am every day during our long weekend!!  I didn't even wake Josh up to go work on the house until Annabel woke up so it was nice for him to get to sleep in some!

For some reason I didn't take a single picture with my camera of the house!!  Next week I will, I want to get some of us moving!

I'm so excited to move in on Saturday!!  I just want to be at the house all the time now! :-)


  1. It's nice that you can get that stuff done ahead of time and not have to do it while you're moving in. I put in a shade for our sliding door too because I also do not like vertical blinds.

  2. I'm sorry you had to pay that much for your curtains! I made the ones for our house and they weren't hard. If that's something you were interested in, you can email me and I'll tell you how I made mine. I bet it's so exciting getting the house ready!

    I hear you on the not sleeping in! The time change messed us up around here and we haven't been the same since.

    Ha, it's funny how Annabel is climbing the ladders, yikes! Elena climbs things too.