Saturday, March 23, 2013

Good-bye Old House

Josh and I usually move every 2-3 years.  We started out in a 1 bedroom apartment, then moved to a 2 bedroom apartment and then our 3 bedroom townhouse.  This 4 bedroom house we bought is so exciting because we've continued to move up and now we have our home that I hope we stay in for long while.

Our 2 bedroom apartment was hard to say good-bye to because it was where we brought Annika home to when she was born.  It was where she took  her first steps.  It was the last place that Annika saw both my parents in before they died.  I got the phone call that my mom died while standing in the living room and the phone call that my dad died while standing in the front entry way.  It was hard to say good-bye to that place but in a way it was nice to not have some of those memories associate with where we lived.

Our townhouse is the same.  This is where we started new after my parents died.  We brought Annabel home from the hospital here.  Annabel took her first steps next door at our neighbor's house, our neighbor whom we've become great friends with along with her children that we love like they're our own!  This house is the last place I saw my grandmother alive at Easter last year.  We had family gatherings here.  The girls played here.  We've enjoyed walks around the pond, walks to the playgrounds and living so close to everything.

But we're ready to make new memories (sorry, no babies will be coming home to this new house, baby making is OVER!) at our new home.  So excited to make our house a home :-)

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  1. It is definitely hard to say good bye to an old home. I still think fondly of my old apartment, where I lived on my own for about 5 years. My mom and grandmother live in the house where I spent most of my childhood, but I also think sometimes about the house where I lived before that. You're right, it's hard to leave, but it is good as you said to be able to not have some memories staring at you every day. I know you will make tons of new memories in your new home and I hope they will all be happy and wonderful ones.