Monday, August 5, 2013


**Saturday we took the girls to play putt putt golf.  It's too hot in Florida for that, especially at noon!  But we did have fun and it was cheap so it was worth it in the end.  We didn't even bother keeping score but Annika was pretty good!  When it cools down (for like 2 weeks in December) we'll have to go again.

**I have two recipes ready to go for my new blog!!  We made two different types of cookies and took pictures to go with it.  I'm so slow with this blog.  I wanted to start August 1st but now my goal is October 1st.  I want to have at least a recipe every other day for the first month to get started.  We made so much food around here from scratch that I just need to start taking pictures so I can blog the recipes!!

**Annika has gotten really good on her bike this last weekend.  I had to jog to keep up with her the other day and Josh had to do the same the day he took her.  It's actually fun to go with her now because she's gotten so good.  She can do a whole mile and then bedtime is a breeze because she's exhausted when we get home!

Don't mind the lovely scenery of the construction in the new part of our neighborhood!

**Josh sent me these pictures while I was at work Friday.  He always gets such good pictures of the girls out on our porch.

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  1. Beautiful girls! I love seeing Annika's hair loose like that. It's so pretty!

    Good job on her bike, too! Karina's still afraid she'll fall over on hers, but she's getting good on her little 3wheel scooter.