Monday, August 19, 2013


~Our weekends have been cut a bit shorter lately since I've been working Saturday mornings.  Luckily I go in so early that I'm out of there by 9:30am and home by 10am.  Last weekend Annabel was still sleeping when I got home and Annika was still in her pajamas.

~We went to get Josh some new glasses.  He's been wearing contacts for a while now but they're bugging him.  The girls wanted to try on some glasses too.  I can't get over how cute they both looked in glasses!  Annika is a total goofball!

~We also went to Home Depot which is one of Annika's favorite stores because she gets to sit on riding mowers.

~I baked some muffins and breads to put in our deep freezer.  It's easy to pack the girl's breakfast/lunch for Josh when I can just pop a muffin in the girls' lunch containers and it can thaw in the fridge overnight.  Their favorite muffins are chocolate banana muffins with dark chocolate chips (recipe soon on my new blog that I swear I'm starting sometime soon!).

~We also made graham crackers in the shape of kitties because while we were out we went to the "Kitty Store" also known as Petco.  Annika asked that we take home a kitty but I keep explaining to her that Bo (our dog) is TERRIFIED of cats.  Seriously, terrified.  Poor thing.  We cannot get a cat!

~Sunday we tried to go to a playground in a different neighborhood down the street from us.  Their playground is in the shade and our playground is in direct sunlight.  They have a gate and it was actually closed!  I swear I've never seen that gate closed so we couldn't get in!  We had to play on our playground and couldn't stay too long because the girls got really hot fast and I didn't want them to get sunburned.

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  1. Bummer working on Saturdays, but at least you do get home pretty early. Can't wait to see your recipe for those chocolate banana muffins!