Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oh The Things She Says: Part 3

To see part 2 and a link back to Part 1 click here.

"I like the old girls, I want to see the old girls".  Talking about the girls in her old ballet class.  She really liked some of the girls, but she did make friends in the new class so I'm not sure why she always says it.

"I'm going to go on the slide with the other kids but they need to share it with me, with me, they need to share".  Bossy pants, she always likes to tell other people that they need to share.

"Daddy said shit, that's not good, he's not good at driving".  She told me this after he had already warned me that it slipped out while driving when someone pulled out in front of him in traffic.  Annika was ready to take over and drive for him!

"I not a baby, I a big girl and I do big girl things".  She says this all the time, about everything.

"You need to share this", she says this while holding my phone, because you know, I need to share it with her.

"I wait for you to wipe my butt, not daddy, I wait for you".  Why, thanks Annika.  I don't get the thing with kids not wiping their own butts but she saves her wiping for me.

"I scared of my room when daddy is at work".  This is her justification for coming into my room every single night but doesn't do it when Josh is home with us.  Uggghhh....

"Red says stop and green says go".  Every time we're at a traffic light now she explains the process to
 me :)

"I'm gonna kick your butt".  Josh's fault, he jokes around and says this all the time!

"This is a GOOD movie, I've never seen this one before".  She says it whenever she knows it's a movie we hate and don't want to watch with her.

"That's my baby".  My favorite, she says that Annabel is her baby, not mine. :)

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  1. She's so funny! I love these things she says and that by putting them on your blog, you can always go back and remember them.