Friday, August 2, 2013

Grocery Shopping

For a while we were making grocery shopping a family thing.  Saturday mornings we would all go together to shop.

Then we moved.  We're over 20 minutes from where we shop so I made a change and now I take the girls by myself after work one day to get it over with.

Everyone makes it out like having two kids and shopping is sooo difficult. I really don't find it that way.  Annabel sits in the front of the cart and usually holds my list and pen for me.  I have to take the pen away a few times during the trip so she doesn't eat it, but other than that she's always easy going in most situations.

Annika will either walk, which can be a pain because she touches everything!  Or she'll sit in the main part of the car and play games on my phone.  This makes the trip even easier.  Luckily I don't buy a ton of stuff so she can fit in the cart with all our food.  I split our shopping up between two stores because Walmart just doesn't have all the organic stuff that I like to buy sometimes.

When we first get into the store Annika always begs to ride in one of those cars that costs 50 cents to ride on.  It's a stupid little yellow car with a lady that talks in a British accent but she loves riding it and now Annabel does too.

So if we make it to the check out line and they've both been good I give Annika the 50 cents to hold on to.

Then they ride.

I love that these two make me smile everyday.

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  1. The only thing I find a pain is getting them in and out of the car. Hassle. My store has what I call double carts, where big kids have a separate area to ride, so I can filllll that basket up.