Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Date with Annika

We went to Orlando for a birthday parent Saturday.  Josh and Annabel went to the party for our nephew but since Annika has had an awful cough for days we decided that she couldn't go to the party and freak out other parents with her dog cough.  She says she feels fine but she couldn't seem to shake her cough.

Josh was going to drive up there (about a 2 1/2 hour drive) alone with Annabel.  There are a few issues with that, Annabel is rear facing still and without Annika in the backseat she sometimes screams.  The screaming isn't bad because after about 15 minutes she passes out and sleeps but it's just sad.  Plus if she needed anything during the drive it would be a pain for Josh to keep handing her things or stopping to hand her things.

So I got the idea of all of us driving up there.  Then I would drop Annabel and Josh at the party so they could spend time with the family.  Annika and I went to the Florida Mall which is way bigger than I expected!

Annika had fun because first thing I let her get a milkshake for  her sore throat and cough.

I kind of spoiled her on our trip.  I felt really bad that she had been talking all week long about seeing her cousins and swimming in their pool.  She cried for the first 10 minutes of our drive to the mall telling me she wanted to play with them.  The milkshake turned things around and she was a happy girl shopping with me.

We stopped at the Disney store were I told her she could pick out one toy.  She looked through the whole store and picked Woody from Toy Story but also asked if we could get Buzz.  I told her she could have only one toy so she asked if we could get Buzz for Annabel.  Sweet girl!!  She was thinking of her sister!  I got both Woody and Buzz and they were on sale for only $6 each which made it even better, I hate spending money on toys.

The girls love the toys though and are still carrying them around days later.

As you can see Woody and Buzz were having a moment together.  In Annabel's world everyone kisses and she kisses EVERYTHING lately.

AFter about 2 hours at the mall we got tired so we went back to the party where Annika hung out in her cousin's room watching TV.  She was such a good girl.  She just stayed in the room and played while I got a chance to hang out for a little bit.

Annabel was also good at the party from what I've heard.  She swam with Josh, ate cake with the family and cuddled with her grandpa.  She had a great time and didn't even seem to miss Annika which is what I was worried about at first.

All in all it was a great day and luckily now Annika has finally gotten rid of her cough!

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  1. I love when I get to do things like that with Karina. I look forward to hopefully getting those days with Elena too.

    The kissing is no big deal. My girls have no concept of marriage or kissing, so Karina's toys are always marrying each other. Sometimes the princesses will all marry each other. Sometimes Doc Hudson and Sheriff get married. Sometimes Holley and Finn get married. (Cars characters). You know, she doesn't see it as anything other than friendship.