Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Random Updates

I'm actually getting a second to myself to update my blog. Clearly this year I am not going to blog 365 days, I did it last year and back in 2009 but I have already failed and today is the 4th...I think it's the 4th....I just realized it was Wednesday a few minutes ago.

~Josh has been home with us since Annabel was born. He goes back to work next week and I think we'll be just fine. I've recovered from this c-section 100 times faster than the last. I'm still not pushing it but I really feel great!

~I've lost half my baby weight already! I gained 45 pounds total so I have about 20 more pounds to go! Since I haven't really done any work to lose the first half I'm feeling pretty good about losing the full amount before I go back to work in March.

~Sunday I would have been 38 weeks but instead Annabel was 11 days old!

~Tomorrow we go to Annabel's 2 week check up. I'm curious to see what she's gained in weight so far. She already seems bigger to me.

~Speaking of bigger we put Annika in her old single jogging stroller to go for a walk yesterday. She looks so much bigger than the last time I jogged with her, way back in May!

~She's also trying to stand on her head and all kinds of other fun stuff. Annika has really started talking a lot!

~We bought The Rack to start working out with and Annika is using it as a jungle gym, she has no fear!

~Annika and I also made some chocolate chip cookies the other day and had tons of fun!

~We are working on a better diet now (after I say we made cookies...). We've been having lots of salads, fish and chicken (cooked in the crock pot) lately. We're trying to stay away from all processed foods by not buying any additional. I refuse to throw away what we have so we're trying to use it all up and just not replace it.

~Annabel is going through a growth spurt, already! She's been taking her bottle almost every hour or at least every 2 hours. She was doing really well with having 3 or 4 hour stretches but now she seems like she's starving after 2 hours! I've tried increasing her ounces of formula but she doesn't seem ready for it, she always falls asleep!

And that is all! I hope to update again soon when things calm down more!

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  1. So great to see your girls doing so well. They are both cute as can be. Babies grow way too fast! I'm 38 weeks today and can't wait for this one to come out of me!!!