Friday, January 13, 2012

The Pixie

I have long debated on whether or not I'm daring enough to try a pixie haircut. Right now I don't really have a "hairstyle". I have a mess. I haven't had a trim or cut since around August when I sort of gave up on my hair. My hair looks thin (it never used to be) and extremely unhealthy. I used to have pretty wavy hair but now it seems to have lost almost all of it's wave except for a naughty little piece of hair on the side of my head that keeps wanting to stick straight out! I need to dye it again because it appears that my hair is about 30% gray...I'm 28, how does this even happen? Genetics I guess since my mom went gray early too but I think she was around 30.

Here are some of the styles I like for pixies and then my lame reasons for being too scared of them:

I think my hair probably isn't straight enough for this one but maybe if it's this short it would be fine:

This one I think my hair would flip out the wrong way and I'd end up having to do too much styling:
I do think this one is cute and it gives me a good idea of what a brunette looks like with a pixie:
Again I think my hair wouldn't lay so flat like this but it may now that it appears to have changed textures it might:
One of my favorites since it isn't as short as the first cut on Emma Watson but is still pretty short:
I like this one too even though it's super short:
I like that she shows you can still style a pixie with a headband:
Which one do you like???


  1. I like the fifth one the best. I'm a scaredy cat too and I like that it's a bit longer than the others. I also like the color!!

    If you want healthier hair stop using shampoo. I've been close to shampoo free for a year now. And my hair is healthy & shinier than its been in years. Oh and I have volume like no other! Even my hairdresser noticed the difference in my hair and said she was going to try it as well!

  2. I think you would look super cute! I want to cute my hair real short too! But I'm chicken. I like the 2nd one..

  3. 3rd one!!!

    Its a bit longer... doesn't give you the boy look... but you could probably pull off any of them...

    For me I'd look like a fat boy if i chopped off my hair.

  4. I like the second one, but overall I think you should give it a try. If you go to a decent stylist, they should be able to give you a cut that will work with your hair's texture, so that it won't end up looking all wonky later. But with short hair there's a lot more maintenance, so definitely wait until you're up to doing something to it most days. If you do it, be sure to share some pictures!

  5. I've always wanted to try a pixie haircut but have been too chicken. Maybe some day I will. I think it'd be cute. I like the fifth one and the second one. They're really cute.

  6. I like the one on Michelle Williams. Not too short and not too long. Just right.