Thursday, January 12, 2012

Random Stuff

~The girls are both napping at the same time=wonderful

~I've already picked the theme for the joint birthday party Annika and Annabel are getting, rainbows! Thanks to Pinterest, my newest addiction, I have found a ton of ideas and should actually get some of them done by mid-November. Since Annika's birthday is November 7th and Annabel's is December 22nd we've decided to do a joint birthday party sometime in late November/early December for our family and friends to come to. On the girls actual birthdays we'll still do cake at home for them but the parties are going to have to be combined due to Annabel being born so close to Christmas.

~Annika has been very sweet to Annabel today. Annabel is always spitting up, not a lot, but she typically has a little spit up running down her cheek and Annika lightly dabbed it off with a bib. She was very careful. I never leave the two of them alone at all because I'm afraid that Miss Independent will try to pick up Annabel by herself since she's always very excited to help with everything from feedings to diaper changes.

~I've hit a plateau with my weight lost. I'm still being careful with what I eat but now it's time to incorporate exercise. My doctor said I could start exercising and walking (but to be careful with running until 6 weeks) as long as my bleeding doesn't pick up and as long as my incision doesn't hurt. Luckily I have no bleeding and my incision doesn't hurt at all! I've started the Supreme 90 Day System and I'm on day 3, which is REST! The first workout was chest/back and my chest still hurts and day 2 was "ultimate ball" which was a lot of ab exercises on a ball which was soooo hard! We bought the DVDs from Sports Authority and it was only $9.99 which compared to P90X is a great deal! I can't wait to see what my results will be in 90 days!

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  1. I know someone asked this before, but I never saw your answer...Is Annabel's name pronounced the same way as Annika's?? As I'm reading your posts, I pronounce them the same in my head, but then wonder if they're pronounced differently??

    I am seriously addicted to also! Oddly enough, I think I have my child's 1st birthay party planned as well! Though, probably I need to have the child before I go ordering a cake....There I go with the whole cart before the horse again! ; )