Thursday, January 5, 2012

Question and Changes

So how do I get involved in this Pinterest thing that everyone is doing now? I've tried to stay away from it because I totally don't need a new Internet obsession but I keep seeing people post so many cute ideas of toddler crafts and activities that now I want to do it! If someone could invite me please do, if you need my e-mail address let me know but I know that a lot of you already probably have it or we're Facebook friends and it's listed there.

If you noticed I changed the title of my blog to "Raising Two Little Reds" since Annabel's hair does appear to be reddish, just a different red than Annika's. It's hard to tell in pictures but it's a much blonder red while Annika's is just plain orange! I just love having two little redheads!


  1. I just sent you an invite! My name on there is Aunt Dee. Happy pinning!!!

  2. I have pinterest, but I have no idea what to do with it. Dot invited me and I have a user name, or I think I do, but I've never done anything with it.... If you get involved, please do a blog about it for my sake. :)

  3. I always miss your blog updates! It doesn't show up in my blog reader. :o( I've subscribed and it just doesn't show up.