Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Potty Training: Day 2


Let's just say we've had a zero percent success rate in two days.

Things Annika does well:

~She holds her pee for long periods of time (5 hours this morning until all hell broke loose).

~She can pull her own panties up and down.

And that's about all.

So why are we quitting?

Josh left for work at 3:30pm today which also happened to be the time Annabel needed to eat (she's on a timed scheduled during the day so that she'll learn to sleep at night). So he took Annika to the potty around 3:25pm and they sat there for 5 minutes and she did nothing. She had just peed on the floor around 3pm so we figured she was empty....hahaha...

At 3:31pm I was feeding Annabel and then Annika goes "oh no" and I realized she peed on the dining room chair, the suede dining room chair (this teaches us a lesson about having things that are too nice with children). So I ask her to go to the potty. Then she comes back from the bathroom and sits in another dining room chair and pees again. Then she pees on the floor. Then she runs to the bathroom and pees on Bo's dog bed. Then she comes back crying and pees on the kitchen floor. Then she's running around crying and covered in pee and slips in it and hits her head on the sliding glass door. After that she stands in the middle of the kitchen takes off her shoes, squats and pees again ON HER SHOES....

Now it's joke. All of that happened within 4 minutes and I'm pretty sure she peed a gallon or more out. Then once I finally finished feeding Annabel I take Annika's dirty panties off and there's a turd in them.

So the lesson we've learned in these two days of potty training, we need both of us to be home during it. There's no possible way for me to potty train her on my own because this is the 2nd day in a row that all hell breaks loose when Josh isn't here. So we're taking a break from panties but I still plan taking her to the potty in the mornings, before nap time and before bed to practice. We'll try the potty training again with panties in a few weeks when Josh has a 3 day weekend so we can stay home and really focus on it with both of us here.


  1. Oh My! You poor thing! I hear it can be a long process and with a newborn, that's got to be rough! Hang in there and I hope the next try goes better!

  2. Poor Annika! This is such a huge transition for her, plus you having the new baby. Maybe a break is a good idea; wait til Annabel isn't quite so new and stressful for her. She might be more successful. Good luck whatever you do!