Friday, February 6, 2015

5 Year Check Up

Yep, it's been a while since I've posted but I have to remember forever Annika's 5 year check up which was today, 4 months after she turned 5.

I prepped her a little for her appointment.  I told her she'd be getting shots (she didn't understand), I told her if she didn't cry I would buy her ice cream, I explained the nurse would look over her body and that she would check her privates.  We've been explaining to Annika that only Josh and I can see her privates and no one else, so I had to explain that the nurse at the doctor's office also can see them but only because we are in the room too.

I got to the appointment before Josh and the girls so I went in and did all the paperwork.  Josh had to run to work so he dropped the girls off and left.  The nurse (she's a PA and new at our office, our doctor gets booked really fast and we couldn't get in to see him) calls us back and immediately Annika looks at her and says as loud as possible "Are you gonna want to see my PRIVATES???!!"

OMG, the entire staff started laughing, other parents were laughing, Josh was about to walk out the door but he came back in to laugh and apologize to everyone along with me.

Then Josh really did leave and Annika and Annabel were weighed and measured (both are perfect!).  We went into the room and Annika immediately starts to strip off her clothes and the nurse laughs and tells me she doesn't have to get naked.  Annika just kept trying to get naked and I told her to chill and keep her clothes on so she says "this doctor needs to check my body and I need to be naked".  No!  So I got her to keep her clothes on and she played in a little toy kitchen with Annabel that was in the room.

Then Annika starts singing "Amber is the color of your energy" and the nurse laughs, pauses and says "Is she singing a 311 song?"

Why yes she is.

(I can't get the video to post so here's the link to the song:  )

By the way, this entire time Annabel is a quiet angel.  She let the nurse check her, do her blood pressure, check her eyes and ears, no problems.

Annika on the other time questioned every single thing the nurse did and said.  The nurse said she was the funniest and sassiest 5 year old she's ever seen.

Then the nurse left the room and I explained to Annika she was getting 3 shots in her arm to remember that if she doesn't cry she gets ice cream on the way home (that was her bribe).  The nurse sets Annika up in my lap to hold her still, she puts the first shot in and Annika starts yelling "owe" and by the 3rd one she was crying.  The nurse said she was all done and I told her to stop crying and she starts laughing like a crazy person and says "just kidding, I'm not crying".

One of the other nurses said she needs an academy award for the entire performance today.

Welcome to my world!!

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