Saturday, February 21, 2015

That Annabel..

I always find it so hard to believe that Annabel is already 3 years old.

Wasn't she just born?

She's become such a feisty, fun, stubborn child.  She's daddy's little princess and I think most of our friends have a special place in their hearts for Annabel.  While Annika is a lot of fun and way more talkative there is just something about Annabel.

I've had people stop me the last few weeks saying she looks like The Little Mermaid because of her curly, long red hair.

She's really in love with Annika lately too.  I took Annika to a party at our neighborhood's clubhouse (Annabel isn't old enough to go) and Annabel spent the entire 2 hours asking where Annika was and when could we go pick her up.

We made cupcakes while Annika was gone and she didn't want to lick the spatula or the bowl!  She didn't even want to eat any frosting (all of Annika's favorite things to do).  Once we were done she went into the freezer and got out some blueberries and ate about half the bag.  She's totally our healthy child, she loves to eat fruit and veggies.

Annabel is also begging to take ballet classes.  Last year I tried to get her to take classes but she didn't like the teacher so we didn't go back after a class.  This year we agreed to wait until the fall season and start her in August with a teacher we already know she likes.  She's so excited that she's already talking about it.

Her favorite thing to watch on TV is Sofia the First. She has 2 Sofia dolls and we own 4 of the DVDs which have about 4 episodes of the show on each one.  She knows all of the songs too.

Love this girl.

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