Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Best Friends

Facebook is my constant reminder that people have best friends.  They've been hanging out since high school best friend and I drifted to a point of no return.  We have nothing in common.  I find her parenting to be entirely different than mine (and my current friends who have encountered her and her child).  I felt like each one of my accoplishments in life made her jealous, whether she admitted it or not.  Sometimes she did admit it.

It's hard to be friends with someone who is jealous of you.  It's hard to be friends with someone who lives a completly different life than you do.

I'm married.
She's single.
We bought a house.
She lives with her parents still.
I had the girls after Josh and I were married 2 years.
She had her daughter at 19 with a boyfriend.
I've been promoted numerous times since I started my job.
She's been making the same pay since 2009.

The list can go on.  She claims the final straw for her was that I look down on people who eat "poorly", like fast food, Crystal Light and junk.  I don't.  I offered advice when she asked if it was okay for her daughter to drink a certain thing, I said I wouldn't give it to her and that the girls wouldn't be allowed to drink it.  I never accused her of being a bad mother for giving it to her child

My final straw is personal.  I don't want to say what it was on a public forum but people I have talked to it about it agree that it was time to let go.

There are times where I miss her but in all honesty the constant drama and me not being able to relate to her life were causing us to drift apart.

I can say that I am not anyone's best friend and I do not have a best friend.  I don't have a person to call if I need to talk.  I don't have a girlfriend to go out with for drinks or dinner.  I actually haven't been out to dinner with a friend in over a year.  While that does make me sad I have to image that there are other people in the same situation as me.

Right?  Do you have a best friend?  Do you keep in close contact with anyone from high school still?


  1. I'm in a similar predicament. All of the people I used to consider my friends have all drifted to the aquaintance category. I have no one I call to vent to. I have no one to shop or gossip with. Sometimes this makes me sad - sometimes I am actually grateful for the lack of drama because I have enough on my plate to handle right now. When I stop to think about it I realize that I don't actually like to shop... or gossip... still, it would be nice to have a bigger support system.

  2. Ah, that's something I"m missing right now also. I've always been the type to have one true "best friend", but since I've been married/had kids I'm missing that. It's hard when your life goes one way and your friend's goes another. It's a new season. I'm sorry, I know how you're feeling, it takes years to build those close friendships.