Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Differences between first and second pregnancies

Quickly: Annika had her 2 year check up Friday and I wanted to post her stats! She is 33 1/2 inches tall which puts her in the 50th percentile and 29 pounds which is 75th. She has totally dropped in height when at her 1 year check up she was in the 95th percentile!! She's actually only grown 3 inches this year, looks like she may just take after me in height!

I thought I'd kind of mix up my posts a bit. I still plan on doing quiet a few "getting to know me" type of posts but I'm going to mix it with things I want to just write about currently.

Here is my list of differences between my pregnancy with Annika and now this one with Annabel:

#1: Eating for 2 should not be taken seriously!

With Annika I ate for 2. Not for like one 125 pound person and another 1 ounce-8 pound little itty bitty person, I ate for two full sized 125 pound people. I gained 60 pounds people!!

Here I was at 9 weeks and 2 days:

And here I am at 39 weeks and 1 day just 5 days before Annika was born:

This time I have been slightly better with my weight gain. I may be small normally but I am just not capable of only gaining the recommended 25-35 pounds total. I've currently gained about 35 and I'm 32 weeks pregnant. It's better than last time but still more than I should have gained!

#2:Not everything has to be brand new!

I had to have a new crib, new highchair, towels, blankets, everything! I did not purchase a single thing used for Annika. We had lots of hand me down clothes which I was fine with, I'm always fine with that! The only thing that was used was our car seat/stroller combo.

This time around I've been checking out yard sales and Craiglist trying to find deals on everything. I did buy our infant car seat new but I got it on E-bay for about $30 cheaper than it was in the store. I bought a stroller and bouncer from Craigslist recently and they both look brand new but didn't have that brand new price tag! Luckily we still had our crib (Annika is now in a toddler bed) and all her old clothes.

#3: You do not need much for a baby!

When Annika was born I had a highchair (she didn't use it till 6 months old), a bumbo (3 months old), a bouncer (a few weeks old), a swing (never used it), and about a million other things that stayed in their package and were listed on Craiglist when she was a few months old because we didn't need it!

Now I've learned my lesson. We still have our highchair but it's in the garage. I'm not even bothering to buy a bumbo or a swing. I have a bouncer ready to go when we need it. I bought some new bottles since I think I threw away Annika's old ones for some reason and some new pacifiers since when Annika quit pacifiers cold turkey I threw them all away so I wouldn't be tempted to give her one.

#4: It is best to hide from people to avoid them saying stupid shit to you.

1st pregnancy I allowed people to say rude things to me. Seriously, I walked around at work all the time and took all the stupid comments people would say "you're so big" or "you aren't going to make it to your due date", blah, blah, blah. This time around I stick to my desk or I move quickly (about as quickly has a huge pregnant woman can move) to avoid comments. I don't allow eye contact because eye contact clearly means "come on say something rude about my size". I've learned my lesson, it's nice to get to sit quietly at my desk at work and not have people always saying something!

#5: Your attitude is different, or so I'm told.

Josh says he was always suprised at how nice and sweet I was while pregnant with Annika. I rarely complained, I wasn't bitchy....

Ahhh...how times have changed! Try being pregnant with a toddler! Then try being pregnant working 9 hour days 5 days a week and being at home alone with that toddler every evening.

Then have your back start hurting sooner than you remember. Then puke all the time until 18 weeks instead of 16 weeks like last time. No, no, I'm not comlaining, I am grateful to be prenant again, I'm just not a sweet person this time around and I know I'm not!

I have no patience, I jump to conclusions, I cry, I throw fits.....ummmmm...I might be the 2 year old here but I'm also tired!!

Anyone else notices differences between their first and second pregnancies??

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  1. Oh, I can so relate (to everything but the workweek, although I guess my workweek is at home with my 3 year old). My first pregnancy was so great! I never hurt, had no morning sickness to speak of, felt great, ate good, gained a little too much, but whatever. This time, I had morning sickness 24/7 until at least 14 weeks, have had back pain and sciatica, now pain in my sides as well. I haven't gained as much, but I'm sticking straight out this time so I look even bigger than I did with my first daughter. Plus this time I had cravings: Pepsi, Fritos, and tomatoes. Yes, seriously. I had no cravings last time. This time I'm hoping my little girl will come a little (little) faster than the 24 hours it took to deliver my first. I went into labor on Christmas night and was awake 36 hours by the time she was born. Can you say tired? :-) And you should never let the things people say bother you. I just chalk the stupid comments up to ignorance and everything else I try to remember that they are just doing their best to show that they are interested and happy. I guess I give benefit of the doubt a lot!