Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday!

I'm not braving the stores this year for Black Friday. Not at 33 weeks pregnant and not with a toddler!

Instead I opted to go at 8am to Target because I wanted the Oster stainless steel looking toaster they had on sale for $19 and I got it! Totally didn't have to go out at midnight to get it! Plus I bought New Moon and Eclipse (I already owned Twilight) and also got Elf (one of the few Will Ferrel movies I like) and Rio. I was back home in 25 minutes (which is kind of cheating since we live like 3 seconds away from Target)!

If you're staying at home too check out my cousin's Etsy store. I love her handmade crafts and highly recommend her Nook, Kindle and iPad cases. I have a Kindle case I love and my best friend purchased a case for her Nook and LOVES it. So much nicer than the crap cases you find at regular stores and so much cuter!

Also if you're bored and creative yourself check out some blogs I've been checking out lately. I really want to get a sewing machine just so I can try to be as creative! Maybe someday after our lives settle down a bit!

Prudent Baby
Doe a Deer (again advertising for my cousin!)

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  1. I am checking it out now; I love Etsy! I don't do black Friday, either. Not even when I'm NOT pregnant!