Sunday, November 20, 2011

How to survive a c-section

I'm bringing this post over from my old blog because I've been told it's so informative, plus, honestly, I need to read it myself to prepare myself!

~The first thing that happens is the preparation for your c-section. You'll receive an IV (a large one, I'm not going to lie) and my nurse told me that that IV would be the worse pain I'd feel that day. She was 100% right. The IV is the worse and it's not even THAT bad.

~They'll then ask you a billion questions about your pregnancy. Pretty boring.

~While the IV is in you'll be receiving lots and lots of fluids. Get up and pee as often as you want and need to, after this you won't be peeing on your own for a while.

~I walked myself into the OR. I had a choice to be on a bed and wheeled in but that seemed a bit wussy to me since I was fine at that point.

~Next thing you'll be in the OR. Equipment in the OR can be scary if you've never been in one before, I have though. I just looked down at the ground the entire time though. For me personally I'd rather not see the instruments used to cut me open.

~The anesthesiologist will come in next and explain the spinal to you. You'll be seated on the operating table, hunched forward with your shoulders down. Take BIG deep breaths into your nose and out your mouth slowly. A nurse will be in front of you to hold on to you. It helped me to grab her arms just to hold, it really made me more comfortable.

~The first injection for the spinal is the numbing stuff. It feels like a bee sting and that's it. The actual spinal just feels like someone has their finger on your spine and is pushing. You don't actually feel the needle go in at all. It's all pressure.

~The nurses will then lay you flat on the table and your legs and butt will get warm right away. It feels weird but nice at the same time. Just remember to keep breathing.

~I looked up at the ceiling and kept breathing as they set everything up. They put one of those little oxygen thingys in my nose and my arms were layed out to the side of me.

~Josh was then allowed in the room. A nurse will pinch your stomach area and ask if you feel anything and if you're like me you'll ask "feel what?"

~I talked with Josh the entire time they were cutting me so I have no clue what was going on.

~Suddenly I heard a baby's cry. Josh went to her while they cleaned her off to take pictures. Meanwhile the doctor worked on me and I didn't feel a thing. Time went by extremely fast. Then they brought me Annika to see and touch.

~Josh went to recovery with Annika while the doctor and nurses cleaned me up. They moved me to a bed and wheeled me to recovery.

~My vitals where taken for about an hour in recovery and Annika was in a little cradle next to me getting checked out too.

~Josh went to the nursery with Annika for more tests and for her bath while I went into our room.

~Every 2-4 hours the first day you'll have a nurse that checks your vitals and literally drives you insane. You'll have a catheter in but I never even felt mine. If you're offered pain killers take them! You don't have to be a hero! I said I didn't want them once and felt the pain an hour later. Also take them at home for at least a week. I stopped taking mine regularly at 7 days post partum.

~Either that night or the next morning they'll have you get out of bed and sit in a chair for a few hours.

~The next day you can request they take out the catheter, I did first thing the next morning. Drink lots and lots of fluids so you are able to pee without straining. Once you're out of the bed that day do not go back to bed unless you're going to take a nap. Stay out of bed as much as you can.

~Request a stool softner if they don't give you one. Have one at home to take too. I didn't poop until 5 days post partum and it was hell to get it out. I kept taking the stool softners till 8 or 9 days post partum just to be sure it was all coming out.

~At home walk around a lot. Don't lay yourself up in bed. I took a walk my second day home. The third day home I went to visit Josh's work and the forth day I went to BRU.

~Get a girdle to wear to keep your tummy pulled in. I ordered one online and it was way too small to wear right afterwards so I wore my bella band. The bella band will keep your tummy from flopping around afterwards. I've been wearing my nearly a week and now my girdle fits.

~Drink lots of fluids when you're home and keep taking your prenatal vitamins.

~The staples they'll put in you incision are not fun (you might be lucky and have the glue stuff instead). While you have them put a pillow over your tummy when you laugh, cough or sneeze, it helps. Once they're out you'll feel wonderful!

~The bleeding with a c-section actually lasts longer than with a vaginal birth.

~Be prepared to loose a ton of weight even if you aren't walking a lot. I lost 20 pounds my first week! I lost all 60 pounds within 3 months!

~Any other questions feel free to ask!

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