Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Yep, Horrible Busy Blogger

So no posts since December?


Life is going about a million miles an hour lately.

Just last weekend, for example, we had Friday night date night with just my girls at a local brewery.  The girls fell in love with the girl singing there, bought her CD, have listened to it every single time we've gotten in the car since.

Saturday morning was dance class, then playing outside, then we went to a local speedway to see school buses drive on a figure 8 course and run into each other (the girls actually picked this activity!).

Sunday was my boyfriend's son's birthday party, followed by a swim in the pool, dinner at a local diner, grocery shopping, more playing outside (Annabel now rides her bike without training wheels!) and bedtime.

That was last weekend.  Since December we've done so much that I'm trying to remember it all.

Adventure Island (water park) 3 times
Busch Gardens (rollercoasters/zoo park) 5 times
My aunt visited for a long weekend in March
At least 3 different concerts
Skate Park
Bike Rides
Ikea shopping trip

I'm sure there is a lot more.  There's also so much more planned, cruise in the summer, parade this weekend, cheer competitions, dance recitals, Pre-K graduations, someone is starting kindergarten (let us all cry now that the "baby" is starting school!!!), music festival....

Oh, how about that I'm now a coach for tumbling at a cheerleading school and that Annika has started All Star Cheer which costs like a billion dollars and that's why I'm now a coach to pay for it all.

So yeah, we're kind of busy up in here.

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