Saturday, August 29, 2015

Sweet Annabel

I'm sure I have another post with the same title somewhere, but when anyone thinks of Annabel they think of how sweet she is.

Now that Annika is in school she's alone during the day with Josh (which could possibly change soon as we're discussing her starting preschool 2 days a week).  I thought she would be sad but on the first day of school when we were in line to pick up Annika she says to me:

"Momma, I cried a little bit when you and Annika left this morning.  I cried for you, not for Annika."  So I think she might be a bit happy to have so much individual attention!

That face!!  And she's adorable when she says little because it sounds like "yittle" which makes it 1,000 times cuter.

Last week she went to the dentist.  Usually dental trips are a nightmare!  Every single visit we've had with Annabel for a check up she has screamed the second the dentist walks in and demands that I carry her the entire time we are in the office.

She surprised me by allowing them to not only clean her teeth but for the dentist to do a FULL EXAM!!!

People, she is smiling in the dental chair!!  I was so proud of her that I cried when she got her teeth cleaned, shhh...I know.

Our biggest problem right now is that she insists on sleeping with me at night.  It's hard to say no to someone who says "I love you so much, I have to sleep in your bed".  When she says it all I can say is "yes, yes you do." :)

She also has an intense love for cats.  She almost exploded with happiness when we went to a friend's house that has a "meow meow".

I'm really hoping that by Christmas we'll be in a place where I can finally get her a "meow meow" of her own.  I cannot wait to see her reaction!

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  1. She is a very sweet little girl! We had issues with Connor co-sleeping, I chalked it up to all the changes in his life and allowed it to continue for a few months because I felt bad. Then I got over it and wanted a good nights sleep! Not to mention it is totally creepy to have someone staring at you in the middle of the night. We ended up getting a door chime on his door. When Chris told me what he was doing, I thought for sure it would not work.....his thinking was we would hear the chime and tell him to get back in bed over the video monitor. Well we never hear the chime. He is so terrified of the chime he never leaves his room now LOL Worked better than I thought!