Wednesday, June 5, 2013

National Running Day

I'm such a slacker lately!  Not only with blogging but also with running!

I don't like the area we live in for running, at all.  I did plan to start running again this week (I took a 2 month break for Insanity) but it's been running ALL WEEK LONG because of this storm. I'm kind of hoping to not have to go to work tomorrow but I have a feeling I'll be there.  Tropical Storm to us Floridians is really no big deal.

But today was National Running Day and I wanted so badly to run with the girls but it rained!!  Boo!!

If you're planning on starting to run and want to start with a half marathon like I did (talk about crazy, I never did a race before and I started out with 13.1 miles!) this training program is great.  It's the same program I've used for all 3 of my half marathons and the program I will be using while training for my next race in November!  Just need to pay and sign up so I can do the Women's Half Marathon again for the 3rd time (I did it as my first race in 2010 and my first race post pregnancy with Annabel in 2012).

I swear I will start blogging again more (I'm working on my new recipe blog now!!!) and running more too :-)

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  1. I can't say I haven't missed your posts (because I have) but I also understand that all of us have things to do and not a lot of time. I'm sorry you've missed running and that your new neighborhood isn't so good for that. Stay safe in all the rain!