Thursday, June 6, 2013

Little Skater Girl

This child is going to be a skateboarder!  She loves it and boy is she good for a 3 year old!!

She's actually going downhill in this video and fast!

Now before you all kill me because she's not wearing a helmet this was not a planned ride, she just jumped on.  She does have a helmet that she will be wearing from now on.

Although, how many of us 80/90s kids wore helmets???  I sure didn't, but that doesn't matter, she'll have one on next time Josh lets her ride!


  1. I used to ride my brother's skateboard all the time when I was younger. It was fun and I was pretty good. No I did not wear a helmet for us 70/80s ;P kids. And yes my children always do too. It's a wonder we survived at all.

  2. The first time we put Karina on her new bike, she didn't have a helmet on. I don't think anyone should be "killed" over it. Like you said, we grew up never wearing them. Karina has one and she does wear it now, but when she first got the bike she was so anxious to try it out and there you go!

    Shoot, we used to climb onto the roof of the lean-to shed in our back yard, leap onto the clothesline pole (metal) and swing off. We ran up and down the ditch behind our back yard, jumped off of things much too high to be jumping off of, climbed trees much too high, and somehow we're all okay. I think at some point we will have to step back a bit but for now I don't let my girls do 1/10th of the things I did!