Friday, July 8, 2016

My Usual Random Updates

~I'm very sporadic with my posts.  My internet is awful here.  Sometimes I lose full blog posts and give up and sometimes I can't even get my computer to connect right.

~Still dating "Nice Guy".  He's wonderful.  We have done so many fun things in the last 3 months, probably more fun things that I did in 10 years of being with someone else...He even got to meet my best friend and he got her approval.

~Nice Guy's kids and the girls are getting along pretty well.  Annika and his son are two harder ones to deal with.  Annika can be a bit of a monster at times and it annoys his son who can also be a monster at times.  The two little girls (they're both 4) are pretty easy going and fine together.

~I'm really hoping to blog more, I say it all the time but I do enjoy it.

~One of the most upsetting things when dating someone new is them not getting to meet your parents.  I would have loved for my parents to meet Nice Guy.  He's interested in meeting some of my family but honestly there are not many people to meet...

~I did have dinner with my 2 aunts, my uncle and his wife a few weeks ago (it was an evening where Nice Guy couldn't make it).  My whole family told me how great it was that I'm divorced now and that they hated who I was married to.  Isn't that crazy?  So many people have told me that since we've been divorced but no one ever said anything before!

~I've now hung out with Nice Guy's parents and grandmother a few times.  They're a very nice family.  I'm so glad I met him.  So far he's just perfect.

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