Friday, March 25, 2016

Annual Check Up

The girls had their annual check ups today and did awesome, as they usually do.  We usually see the nurse practitioner and she always says that every year the girls are the most entertaining patients they have.  We're also very lucky that we've now made it 4 years in a row without any sick visits.  I've only had to  have a pink eye med called in to a pharmacy but other than that we've only had colds and bugs that could be treated at home.  Soooo lucky.

Annika again started this year's visit with "I have to keep my private parts private, are you going to look at my privates??!!"  At least she knows they should be kept private but she yelled it and half the office heard and started laughing.

She did it last year too, here is the post from Annika's 5 year check up:

The girls are both in the 50th percentile for height.  Annabel is in the 50th percentile for weight, Annika in the 70th (that child has amazing muscles, she can do real, full push ups like a man!).  Both girls also have perfect hemoglobin!  That's something I always struggle with, I actually have to take 3 iron supplements a day to increase my levels.  Annabel's level was actually double of mine!

But what I did not realize was that Annabel had to get her shots for kindergarten even though she doesn't start kindergarten until 2017.  She'll have to register and turn in her shot records by February of next year so she had to do her 3 vaccines today.  I didn't warn her or prep her for it so when the NP walked out to get the shots I told her and she said "what??  You no tell me I get shots today!"  Oh was she angry with me!  She was soooo good though, only cried a second but she has now been telling me about her arm hurting and that she got shots for the past 12 hours.  She even told strangers while we were out today that "I got 3 shots today and momma no tell me".

Here she is sporting her 3 band aids.  The NP gave her an orange one because of her hair color, an Olaf one because she knows all little girls like Frozen and a Rapunzel one because she knew she better throw a princess in there, haha.

The NP also suggested speech classes for Annabel again.  It looks like I only posted about her evaluation last time:

We completed our 8 weeks of speech and she was kicked out, it turned out Annika was talking for her but when Annabel was totally alone she would speak and if she was forced to speak on her own she would talk.

Our issue now is that people rarely understand what she's saying but me and Annika totally know what she means.  The NP said she could barely understand 50% of it but asked me to ask her school teachers what they thought and if they agreed to have them call for a speech evaluation again.  Luckily since she's in school now they may be able to get a speech therapist to go to her school to do her therapy, last time we had a hard time scheduling the time with my work.  So we'll wait and see next week what her school things.  I'd like to get it at least checked before she goes into elementary school and just catch it early.

Other than that it was a really good visit and I'm so thankful for healthy little girls :)

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