Saturday, October 24, 2015

Mom and Dad's Ashes 10/24/15: Bradenton Riverwalk

Today we went out to a place called Riverwalk in Bradenton.  When I cleaned out my parents' house when they died I found hundreds of pictures of us walking along this stretch of the Manatee River.  Back then there was only an old train to play in but now there is a playground that the girls love to go to.

Me and the girls holding the jar of ashes.

Opening the jar to scatter the ashes in the Manatee River.

We kind of made a mess and had a lot of people looking at us wondering what we were doing!

Looking out at the water.  That bridge that is open is the train tracks that Tropicana (the juice company) uses, they're located just a few miles from where I grew up.

This spot is also not even a mile away from the hospital where my dad died.  Today is the one year anniversary of me telling my dad that my mom died (he was in a coma from the time she died until a week later).  I will never forget what he said that day "that's how it happens, one day someone is here and the next day they're gone".

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