Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Writing Books

~I know I say it a lot by someday I'll get better at blogging constantly!

~I was looking at my old food blog and now I want to make these brownies, I totally forgot about them!

~I bought a notebook, so that means I'm starting to write a book.  I've written a short novel years ago, like 12+ years ago but it sits in a box in our garage because I think it sucks.  I have ideas in my head so I'm ready to write.  I have sort of strange method to writing.  My thing is that I do not at all like to be stuck to computer so I buy a notebook, I'll write in the notebook until I fill the pages and the type everything in a Word document.  As I'm typing I make edits and then print the entire book.  I print the book double spaced and place more edits there and add paragraphs along the way.  After that I add those changes to the Word document.  I totally expect this to take me at least a year based on the amount of time I actually have to write, but I'm going to try it!

~I also have the whole story of life with my mom.  Her mental illness made for an interesting childhood, a bit crazy.  I'm debating on if I should write it as non-fiction and only include facts or if I could make it a little more interesting and make it fiction.

~This whole book writing deal I want to get back into could be because I feel like I may need an escape from the whole corporate world.  I'm working on a promotion on and feeling a bit nervous about it all.  Is this what I want?  Do I really want it bad?  Can I do this the rest of my life?  Eeeekkk.

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  1. I also have a mother with a mental illness