Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving and Pictures

Our Thanksgiving ended up being awesome!

I did all the cooking and we only had my aunt over.  She ended up staying for a large part of the day and got to watch Annika learn how to ride a bike!  I can't believe she learned how to ride a bike and now she's already a pro!  I can't seem to figure out my You Tube account but once I do I'll post a video.

Here I am making Thanksgiving dinner.  Yes, I chop green beans with scissors and throw them in a steamer.  Soooo easy.

The prepared meal!  Annabel looks miserable and Annika looks like a weirdo!

Then we took some pictures.

Annabel's birthday invite picture.  I did my yearly "tradition" of forgetting Annabel's birthday is so soon after Thanksgiving and ordered invites way late.

The sister picture!  LOVE this picture.  I need to print it so I can frame it.

Our Christmas card picture!

Our little skater girl.  Not only can she ride a bike she's pretty awesome on the skate board too!

Annabel, eating pumpkin pie covered in whip cream, with her hands.

Do you have professional pictures taken for Christmas cards?  Do you include a picture or just send a normal card?  Do you even send cards?

I always send cards and since Annika was born I have made picture cards.  Last year was the first year we did professional pictures.  Usually we hope a family member or friend can get a good picture of us!

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