Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Photo Dump Updates

So I thought since it's been a while I'd update with some pictures.

Annika turned 5 this month.  I know, how is this child already 5?

This is a shed my dad built, it's at my uncle's ex-wife's house.  Yes, we were visiting, my cousin still lives there.  The girls actually asked to go outside and Josh said it was like they were drawn to this shed.  They loved it (yes, we let Annika dress herself, makes for very creative outfits).

The girls having dinner at our friend's house.

Total impulse, I chopped 8 inches of hair off.  Best idea ever.  I don't know why I try to grow out my hair, it looks so much better short.  Annabel also got her first professional haircut this day, she's a cutie.

Sister Love!  I can't believe how big they are getting.

Question for today: Do I have any readers out there? Please comment if I do!  I want to see if I should start blogging again!


  1. Yes. You still have readers! I watch for posts from you all the time. So glad to see you and the girls are well! (I used to blog as Ophelia many years ago. I followed you even after I stopped blogging. I started again two years ago as myself.

  2. I have read your blog for years. So glad to see you back. The girls are growing super-fast!

  3. I'm still following, your blog is in my reader :)

  4. I'm still here...sorry I'm late in commenting, but I've been out of town and just catching up.

  5. I'm here too. I've been following your blog for years. I'm very behind in my reading, so sorry for the late comment. I like your recipe blog, too!