Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Fun + Some Oils

We had another busy, but fun weekend!

We went up to St. Pete Beach.  Our usually beach has always been in Sarasota but now that we've moved further north St. Pete is actually a bit closer and there is less traffic to get there.

We bought this awesome tent thing from Amazon.  It seemed silly to rent them from the guys on the beach (if you look to the left in this picture the yellow one you can rent) when it's $25 and we got this one for just a little over $50.  It gave us tons of shade and none of us got sunburned which is pretty good for us!

The girls love the beach.

They also like digging holes and sitting in them!

Or just laying in the sand.  I'm pretty sure she still has sand in her hair now after 2 showers.

Also to sneak this in we've gotten really big into essential oils.  I've already been into health eating (no artificial colors in our foods, fewer than 5 ingredients in all foods we buy, pretty much nothing processed, organic as much as possible) and healthy alternatives to medicine.

I'm sure everyone noticed my long blog absence and I will admit to some mild depression and anxiety at times.  Growing up with a mother who took every single drug possible for depression and bipolar disorder makes you fear taking anything yourself.  Plus I got promoted at work, there's no way I can hide at my desk for weeks not speaking to people anymore, I have to get up and interact and be prepared to do so every single day.

Currently I'm starting a few different oils from DoTerra and I am selling them, which means if you ever want to try some and buy some from my site I will make a small profit.  Small, very small.  Once I get feeling 100% I'll be sharing what I'm using and how it's working.  So far my depression is gone after only 5 days and tomorrow the two oils I want to try for anxiety will be coming the mail!  Looking forward to sharing how they work.

The oils also work great for the girls when they're super hyper and it's 9:30pm and I desperately want them to go to bed since I wake up at 4:30am for work!  Just 1 drop of lavender on their feet and they relax and fall right to sleep!

If you are interested the link to my site is here.  I swear I won't talk about them all the time but I thought it would be nice to share!

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  1. Love the tent. Are you able to fit chairs under it? I hate umbrellas! Especially if its super windy.... and i have to chase it down the beach.