Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Missing People

We had family over this past weekend.

Josh's sister said something that made me thing, she said she missed her brothers.  We haven't seen her since last December and their brother lives far away.  I don't think Josh and his sister have seen their brother in about 2 years.

She misses them.  Then I realized.  I have no one to miss that I will ever see again.

While there are days that I miss my parents there's nothing bringing them back.  I can miss them all I want.  I can't talk to them.  I can't see them.

There is no one for me to miss.  I'm kind of alone.  No family (besides some aunts we occasionally see and hear from) and few friends.  Last year when we got together with Josh's family for Thanksgiving I felt horribly sad because all these people had each other and I don't really feel like I belong.

I'm extremely thankful though for the time we do get to spend with Josh's family and the few family members of mine that we do see and hear from.

Sorry for the rambling post.  I guess my point is if you miss someone and you can see them do see them.  Because at some point there will be no one left to miss.

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