Friday, November 8, 2013

The Hair

It happens all the time.

I swear I see it on Facebook at least once a month.

But never to us.

Annika cut her hair.

About a week before it happened Josh posted this of her on Facebook.  Her hair was all one length.

We also used this picture for her birthday party invitations.

Then she did this while Josh was napping.  All of her hair in front is cut very short and choppy.  There's a few long strands in the back still.

The scissors were on a shelf 6 feet high and she climbed up the other shelves to get to them.  She was determined.  She had a plan and she succeeded!!

According to Annika "I wanted to look like Annabel" or "I had too much hair" are her reasons for doing it.  She did this 3 days before her birthday party.


I called 4 salons while at work and couldn't get her in.  Finally I decided to try to walk-in someplace and we got in.  The guy that did her hair says he does at least one little girl a week that gets a hold of scissors.

He did a great job!

I think she looks cute but I just wish she didn't do it on her own!

There are a lot of pieces that are to her scalp and the front isn't very even so it'll be a process to grow it back out so that's it's even!

She's so proud of herself though and she told me that night "I like my haircut very much momma".

Can't fight her on that one, if she likes it then I like it and I do think it's a very cute cut on her!

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  1. Oh, man, what a turkey! It really is adorable, though.