Tuesday, October 1, 2013


~I haven't had a real blog post in almost 2 months.  Oops!

~I think I'm back now, for real, I'll be blogging again.  Just be warned that the 3rd anniversary of my parents dying is coming up on the 17th (for mom) and December 4th (for dad).

~Speaking of those anniversaries I have ideas of what to do for them, another real blog post on that coming up!

~Annika is doing great in her tap/ballet combo class.  I really do think she prefers tap though even though I prefer ballet.  In the end it'll be what she wants though.  The school she goes she can do the combo class for another year before she'll have to pick one or the other.  Then Annabel will start that year too with probably just ballet the first year, just like Annika did.  She's a shy girl but she loves to dance!

~Speaking of Annabel she still isn't speaking.  She has a speech evaluation on the 10th.  The only new word she's added to her vocab in the last 3 months is "more" and she says it muffled but we can understand it, I doubt anyone else would be able to though unless they knew the sign lanuage sign for it which she does too.

~I hope we get some fall weather soon.  It's insane that I'm saying that because I HATE being cold but I have a lot of cute sweaters and pants I've bought on my Goodwill shopping trips during the summer (always buy clothes for the opposite season at Goodwill, you'll have the best luck!).  Plus we have a fall festival in our neighborhood in a few weeks and it would be nice to not sweat to death at it.

~Maybe I'll try to do a blog post everyday this month, maybe :)

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