Saturday, October 5, 2013


We went a few weekends ago to pet puppies at the seeing eye dog school.

If you want to check it out go here:

They actually have a "puppycam" you can view to see the puppies we played with!

It was a lot of fun for the girls and us, we love playing with puppies, we just don't want to take one home!  Puppies are a ton of work, work that we can't handle with the two girls.

First we saw the puppies in their little area while we waited to go inside.

Annika was clearly excited!

I wish I could buy her a puppy but it's just not going to happen anytime soon!

Annabel loved them too but didn't get too close at first.

Josh and the girls waiting for the puppies to come in.  They were explaining that the do this a few times a week to get the puppies socialized with people before they start "school" to be a seeing eye dog.

Eeekk!!!  This naughty boy jumped right on Annabel.  Luckily Annabel is so chill that she didn't even cry or scream.

If you are going to play with puppies do not style your child's hair in pigtails.  Every single puppy came around to chew on Annika's pigtails!

Annabel and I watching the puppies play.

This is the same puppy that was jumping on Annabel, he just kept coming back!

Our attempt at getting a picture of the girls outside.  They always look like they're in pain lately!

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  1. How fun! I love dogs and I would love to have one again someday, but I'm like you and I can't handle one with little children right now. Plus our house is such a mess it would probably eat everything in sight. :-)

    I can't get over how much the girls resemble each other now that Annabel is a little older!