Friday, October 4, 2013

Busch Gardens: 2nd Visit

We went to Busch Gardens again a few weeks ago.  We got their Fun Card so we can go back as many times as we want this year.  Now that we've gone two times I feel like we've gotten our monies worth but I still want to squeeze in at least two more visits before the end of the year!

This time we went with our new friends and their 2 1/2 year old son!  We finally made parent friends!

Annika and him are so cute together holding hands! (I'm not sure how they feel about blogs so I'm not showing his face or telling his name)

Annika "driving" the car.  I didn't realize but Annabel is actually old enough to do this to so next time I'll let her.

This thing was creepy!!  I made Josh carry Annabel so we could get across faster!  We're about 4 stories up.

On the carousel.

Annabel's first ride!  She loved it.

The first time we went we didn't do these swings but Annika thought it was great.

This was the Sesame Street show.  Annika liked it a lot but Annabel HATED the characters and everytime one tried to come up to her she hid her face on my arm.

She watched the show but she wanted those characters to stay away!

The Madagascar show was cute.  Lots of good music and both the girls love music!

We barely got half of the park done.  Next time we're going to start on other side of the park so we can see more animals (we only saw birds and iguanas this time) and go on some different rides.

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  1. So fun! I love going to our close-by Busch, too. Karina desperately wants to go on the carousel by herself, and she could but she's one inch too short. So if I take the girls myself we can't ride it because I have to hold Elena. Hopefully next summer Karina will be tall enough. You guys look like you're having so much fun!