Thursday, May 9, 2013

What Have We Been Up To?

I've turned into the world's worse blogger!  Luckily I've just managed to get a few mintues to myself to type up some stuff that has been going on lately!

I missed blogging about Easter.  The girls had so much fun looking for eggs and Annika helped out Annabel a lot which was sweet!

I didn't go out and buy "Easter Dresses" for them but they both looked adorable.

We've been swimming in our pool a few times.  It's so much bigger than any other place we've lived!

Annabel is not fan of the pool, she's slowly getting better with it.

We've been on our trail a few times too (along with my aunt who was visiting us from Arizona!).

Speaking of my aunt, she was here for 4 days, it's never long enough!  We had our traditional seafood meal!  Yum!

We also had a housewarming party with our friends and family!  It was great to have Josh's family be able to come down too!

We're loving the new house and have a few projects coming up!

Hope to be able to blog a bit more as things settle down around here :-)

1 comment:

  1. I'm sure all your readers understand, as I do, that you are very busy moving into your new home and getting settled. Big changes absorb us all! It's good to see your pictures, gosh the girls look so big! Especially Annabel! Gorgeous girls!

    Take care!