Monday, April 1, 2013

Random Stuff, Again!

~Today was my first day driving to work from our new home.  Not too bad since it took me 30 minutes and the majority of that is straight interstate driving.  The way home from Josh's work wasn't even too bad at only 25 minutes!  I was expecting both trips to be much longer.

~I think this is currently the cutest picture of the girls.  Annika requested that Annabel sit with her at her table.

~Speaking of Annabel in the last week she has really taken off with walking, she's almost running now!  She is also sitting at the "big girl" table with Annika for most meals and when she's done eating she brings me her plate!

~Annika is speaking up a storm lately.  Her newest things to say are "don't worry about it".  She says that when I yell at her to get out of other people's yards!  Today on the way home she told me "I sit in daddy's lap and watched planes take off and land".  I guess Josh took the girls down to the airport by his work before I met him.

~Today I'm starting the Insanity workout.  I plan on writing up a full review when I finish the 60 days, which I have a feeling will take me longer than the actual 60 days.  They only give you a rest day on Sundays and I know that some days during the week I won't be able to do it.  I'm taking my before picture today, by myself, so it's going to suck but it'll give me a good idea of what difference the workout is doing after 30 days and again at 60 days.

~I can already tell I'm going to need a lock on our pantry door.  I just caught the girls eating applesauce and Annabel attempting to eat some of Bo's treats!  I've put so much on higher shelves that there's nothing on bottom shelves and the top shelves are packed!!w

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  1. I love seeing the pictures of your girls! Annabel is really amazing! Elena is still in a high chair and a complete slob when she eats! She does not want to eat anything she can't feed to herself, either. Glad your drive to work wasn't too bad.