Thursday, April 11, 2013


It's been 10 days since my last actual blog post!

I totally forgot about blogging until yesterday!

We had our old neighbors (and very, very good friends) come over Sunday.  The girls went to the mall while the boys (our friend's 12 year old son and Josh) had some skateboarding and rollerblading fun together.

I wish I could have gotten a picture of the boys together!

The girls have been causing trouble lately, getting into everything!

And Annabel is getting slightly better with feeding herself.  Yay for blueberry yogurt!

I'm on day 10 of my Insanity workout.  Feeling good, my pants feel a bit bigger so that's a good sign!

Maybe soon I'll have time to type out a real blog post!!

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  1. Life's more important (although your loyal readers do miss you!). Have fun and we'll be here when you have time again. :-)