Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful Days 14-20...I Suck

So if you haven't noticed around the 14th last week I stopped blogging.  Another funk.  I think it was a combination of my dad's birthday (which would have been the 12th), my parents wedding anniversary (which would have been the 15th), my period (which I realized my endometriosis is back and is horrible and I felt like I was dying), along with being sad that Josh and the girls wouldn't be coming to see me finish the half marathon (it's too hard to wake them both up at 4:30am and make them sit in the cold outside for hours and not run away).  Too many things all in one week.  Last Thursday and Friday night I was actually in bed before 9pm which is not like me.  I like to aim for 9:30-10:30pm time range for getting into bed but I'm sure that one night I was in bed and sleeping by like 8:30pm.


Now I'm fine but not without Josh worried that I need to talk to "someone" or maybe get on some sort of medication which for me personally I am against.  I don't take medications and I don't like talking to "someone".  I've been researching Sam-E which is a natural alternative to medications for depression and anxiety since I will admit I have anxiety that gets pretty bad.  Because of my endometriosis I'm supposed to take birth control pills but I can't because that makes my anxiety/depression/craziness 100 times worse and I get ocular migraines from taking them.  They make me feel like I'm looking through broken glass, it happened  twice so I had to stop taking them.

So on top of researching Sam-E I'm looking for natural alternatives to treat my endometriosis (probably diet although I don't eat any red meat and that seems to be a big thing they don't want you eating).  I'm just so anti-medications because of all the years of watching my mom (and a few years watching my dad) take different things for depression and anxiety that I will never ever do it too.

I'm hoping for a nice, relaxing 4 day Thanksgiving weekend complete with an easy catered Thanksgiving dinner and a drive to see Josh's brother who is visiting this weekend.

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  1. Congratulations on your half-marathon! My husband does triathlon's and I know he gets a little disappointed when I'm not there with the kids but it is so hard. As they get older it will get better; we've gone to a few.

    Have a great, relaxing Thanksgiving!