Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankful Day 6

Today I am thankful for our sweet, healthy, happy and very persistent baby Annabel.

I'm pretty sure Annabel will always be our baby.  Annika calls her baby, some of our family calls her "the baby".  She actually looks when you call her baby!  Poor girl :-)

Annabel wasn't in our original plans after Annika was born.  We had talked about waiting until Annika was 4 or 5 before we even thought or tried for a 2nd baby.  After my parents dying and me having to deal with everything on my own as an only child I told Josh that we really needed to have a sibling for Annika.  I never wanted her to deal with anything like what I had to deal with.

The timing was right for us anyway.  My doctor found pre-cancerous cells on my cervix (I always have abnormal paps) and wanted to do a LEEP but wouldn't do one until we had another baby because he was afraid of weakening my cervix since I've had a cone biopsy in the past.  He suggested we try to get pregnant within 4 months and he would repeat the pap smear and colopscopy and then discuss where we would go from there.

Luckily the last month possible we got pregnant with Annabel!  I had a repeat pap at my next visit, another around 16 weeks and another postpartum and they've all actually been normal.

This little girl was our Christmas gift born just 3 days before Christmas!

Our sweet Annabel Alicia (her middle name was my mom's first name).

She has wild hair!

She was my sweet little kitty for Halloween.

She's actually laughing here!

She's just so cute!

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  1. Aww I just love her. She is so sweet. Delilah used to answer to "baby" but not to her name! And Penny is most definitely the baby of our family (even though I hope to have at least one more). Delilah calls her "my baby!" and gets mad at anyone else who calls her their baby!