Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I love when I catch the girls playing together (nicely).

Sunday morning I went into Annika's room to find them both quietly playing with Annika's books in her closet.  Annika even put her favorite scarf around Annabel.

They are just to sweet together lately.  Except for the whole fork scratching incident.  I guess Annabel pulled up to stand by Annika's chair in the dining room.  Annika was eating and I think Annabel probably got a little grabby with her, we're always having issues with Annabel grabbing at things.  Then Josh noticed that Annabel had 4 little scratches on her forearm that just so happened to match the 4 little prongs on Annika's fork.  Annika admitted to scratching Annabel and you could tell she felt bad.  She had to stand in time out for a while.  Annabel never even cried though!  I was surprised.

Other than that Annika really does love her sister :-)

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  1. And so it begins...the love/less love relationship! Enjoy the ride! (Karina will snatch things away from Elena if they're hers and she doesn't want Elena to have them. I'm trying to teach her to take them back gently and give Elena an appropriate toy).